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Are you looking for a maritime injury lawyer? A lawyer who has made a career out of specializing in maritime incidents, who understands the intricacies and complications that maritime cases involve, and who works hard to deliver the best results for their clients. At Naberpclawfirm, we are maritime injury specialists, we have dealt with hundreds of different maritime injury cases over the years, and all of our clients get to benefit from that knowledge and expertise.

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Maritime Claims Reference Manual

maritimeclaimsreferencemanualPrevious clients of ours have informed us repeatedly that it is very challenging to identify an attorney firm that specializes in Maritime incidents. Perhaps one of the best ways for a client to confirm that a prospective legal firm has some knowledge of this aspect of the industry is to ask them what the maritime claims reference manual is.

This is a manual that is provided by the Department of Defense and is a general reference concerning the maritime claims of all coastal nations. This document is an integral part of any maritime injury lawyers arsenal, one which they will refer to on an almost daily basis, and so any maritime lawyer would be able to easily answer a couple of questions about this documentation.

If they are unable to answer questions immediately, then this should certainly raise questions as to their suitability for the role.

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What is a Martime Lawyer?

whatisamaritimelawyerA maritime lawyer is a professionally qualified attorney who has chosen to specialize in the field of law, which deals with all aspects of the marine industry. This would include seeking compensation for any seamen who have been injured, dealing with injuries that have occurred as a result of ships colliding, and any other incidents which happen at sea.

What does a Martime Lawyer do?

whatdoesamaritimelawyerdoAs you might expect, the role of a maritime lawyer has changed significantly since it was first introduced back in the 17th century. In the 17th century, sea travel was one of the most common modes of transportation, but in 2019, maritime law has become significantly more complicated. This is one of the reasons why anyone with a claim must employ the services of a specialist maritime lawyer. When it comes to maritime law, every nation, however big or small, has its own laws concerning maritime issues, which is why the area of the law requires specialist knowledge. Boats are used to transport goods all over the world, and it is very easy for a seaman or fisherman to inadvertently breach the law of a foreign country by accident, or through lack of knowledge. In order for a lawyer to defend them properly, the lawyer will need to understand the complexities and the unique differences of each individual nation.

What is the Jones Act?

maritimeclaimsreferencemanualAn excellent example of a law that is specific to maritime lawyers is the Jones Act. This deals specifically with seamen who have suffered maritime injuries, or been killed in the line of duty, and is the basis of the compensation to which they or their families are entitled. It is this type of knowledge that is specific to maritime lawyers, which is why it is imperative when dealing with this type of situation, that clients employ the services of a specialist.

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