Maritime Attorney in Louisiana

Maritime Attorney in LouisianaIf you have suffered any type of maritime injury, is it crucial that you speak to a maritime attorney in Louisiana as quickly as possible.

Maritime law is a specialist subject that requires extensive knowledge built up over many years. Specific knowledge of the Jones Act and other maritime laws are essential to achieving a successful outcome, which is why it is vital to hire the services of a Louisiana maritime lawyer. Our New Orleans maritime lawyers work with people from all over the world to deliver justice and ensure that our clients receive as much compensation as possible.

We have established a long and proud reputation for protecting workers’ rights. We have excellent working relationships with many of the maritime unions and have been involved in some significant cases recovering thousands of dollars of compensation for our clients.

Every local resident of Louisiana knows that maritime industries are at the foundation of life in the state. Due to our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, the state has a proliferation of different ports and port infrastructure. This industry contributes hugely to the local economy, and that is yet another reason why we believe that New Orleans Maritime workers deserve to be afforded the best legal protection possible.

Many people forget the full range of industries that are ingrained within our community, and yet most people will know at least one person employed within the maritime sector. Some industries that people do not think about include anchor salvage, dock maintenance, repair and crew boat operations, and marine salvage. Just because these roles are not that of a traditional sailor, it does not diminish the work they do or the importance their role brings to the local economy.

That is why at, we work diligently to ensure that whenever a client needs a maritime lawyer in New Orleans, our team of lawyers is ready to go into battle for them. Our mission is to provide a skilled and aggressive approach to protecting the rights of our clients and ensuring that they receive as much compensation for their injuries as possible. We understand that we are not dealing with just another case; this is, after all, someone’s life and family that we are dealing with.

That is why our team will have regular face to face meetings with all of our clients, to discuss strategy, and explain the progress that is being made. We firmly believe that we are not working for you; we are working with you to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Many people who come to us have conducted some research into topics such as the Jones Act, General Maritime Law, The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, and in some cases, the Outer-Continental Shelf Lands Act. In most cases, we have found that rather than clarify their understanding of their legal situation, these laws can cause confusion and worry. That is why we will sit down and discuss strategy with our clients, ensuring that they have a basic understanding of their legal rights and situation.

We will come up with a plan together, one that you agree with and understand. It is this kind of attention to detail, which we believe helps us to stand out from the crowd, and ensures that we get a lot of referrals from previous customers.

Do you need a Maritime Attorney in Louisiana?

Wherever you are in New Orleans or Louisiana, if you need the services of New Orleans Maritime Lawyers, then make your first port of call. Our mission is to ensure that you are fairly compensated financially for any injury or distress that was caused to you due to working on the water.