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Regardless of the industry where you are employed, work-related injuries are a fact of life, and seamen are always at risk of work-related injuries while carrying out their employment. The majority of injuries faced by seamen, do not occur on land, or in a specific state, which is why any injuries suffered by seamen are dealt with under maritime law. Maritime law is the overarching piece of legislation, which provides workers with the opportunity to claim compensation for any medical complications or issues they face as a consequence of being at work.

As Houston Maritime Attorneys, we have a full and comprehensive knowledge of both general law and the vagaries and technicalities of maritime law. Our clients employ our services because they know that maritime law is our specialty.

Need an Experienced Maritime Attorney in Texas?

Our Houston Maritime Attorneys provide an abundant knowledge of maritime legal matters. We have many years of experience dealing with Jones Act cases and delivering results for our clients across the country. Whether your case involves maritime-related claims, maritime product liability matters, or maritime-related commercial disputes, we are confident that our team of attorneys will have dealt with a similar situation in the past.

Many of our clients, when searching for a maritime lawyer in Houston, are struggling to try and understand and get the answers to complex legal questions. Some of the questions we get asked include –

  • Does it matter whether I was injured on a ship, lifeboat, jack-up rig, offshore platforms, or on a maritime loading dock?
  • I was involved in an injury on a cruise ship that has had life-changing consequences, can you help?
  • Our cargo was lost or stolen, or sent to the wrong location, what are my rights in this situation?

These types of issues are our bread and butter and form the majority of our businesses. Some of our practice areas include but are not limited to

  • Jones Act Claims – We deal with any cases where seamen have lost their lives or have been injured at work, ensuring that they or their families receive the compensation to which they are entitled.


  • Cargo Vessel Accidents – Are you a cargo ship worker, who has been injured through no fault of your own, or by the negligence of another party?


  • Passenger Claims on Cruise Ships – Did your dream vacation turn into a nightmare? Perhaps you slipped and fell, sustaining an injury as a result of negligence by the crew


  • Penalty Wage Claims on Behalf of Seamen – Have your wages been consistently late, or not paid at all? We will ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to for the late payment of your wages.


Whatever your situation, our team of admiralty law attorneys will aggressively pursue every case to ensure that their clients receive the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to. We are on your side, and every member of our team is determined to see that our clients get the justice they deserve. If you are looking for a team of Houston maritime attorneys, then is the firm you have been looking for, call us today on: 1-844-817-9996  to book your free no-obligation consultation.

One of the policies that are enshrined in our method of doing business is the belief that our clients deserve total privacy. Many of our competitors list their clients and, indeed, their client’s legal results on their website or as a part of their marketing materials. We totally abhor this practice as we believe that our clients deserve the right to privacy. Your case is your business, not that of anyone else.

Although we have dealt with many high-profile cases in the past, we believe that your privacy is of paramount importance. We will never share your details with another company, without your express permission, which is another reason that many of our current clients recommend us to their friends and family when a maritime attorney in Texas is required .